4 Carat Diamond Ring : 3rd Party Certified

4 Carat Diamond Ring

A 4 Carat Diamond Ring is what you are you looking for. Do you want to buy a ring that represents the value, strength, and beauty of the relationship you have with your Fiancé? Similar to your relationship, each diamond is unique and a miracle of time, pressure, place, and change.

Your bloody-RED lifestyle lead by the wisdom derived from your REDbased nature (Isaiah 1:18) can easily cloud our judgement and cause you to make foolish decisions. Lusting around, getting in fights to “prove your manhood,” maybe even cheating are some of the common. These foolish decisions got you in trouble while you were looking for our soul mate.

Now, you have matured and moved on from your RED ways of living and are living out a heavenlyBLUE lifestyle.  The BLUE sky represents the heavens, and the heavens pour down higher, more mature wisdom (Genesis 1:6-8). You’ve found your true soul mate and are ready to make the most important, yet exciting decision of your life.

Purple Royalty

But wait! You still have your RED memories, but are now walking a BLUE life. When you mix RED and BLUE, you get PURPLE. PURPLE represents royalty. YOU are now a king and kings do not worry about money. They adorn themselves and their wives with clean linen, jewels, precious metals and 4 carat diamonds. Money is no object now. Don’t be like a greedy Like Judas who claimed spending money on things like this is a waste and should have been spent on the poor. He did not care about the poor, he was just a coward who loved money more than people.

Introducing Blue Nile – The Best 4 Carat Diamond Ring For Her

Blue Nile is the first company to sell diamonds online in 2006. Now, they are the world’s largest online diamond dealer. In fact, some brick and mortar, walk-in jewelry shops get their diamonds from Blue Nile.

Blue Nile exemplifies living out BLUE wisdom because they hold onto 3 important core values that benefit you, the customer.

  • Firstly, Blue Nile takes the time to inform the customer, so they help you make the best choice so you know exactly what they are buying.
  • Secondly, lower markups means the you, customer can always expect the lowest prices.
  • Finally, Blue Nile consistently have the finest quality diamonds because they impose and adhere to the toughest quality standards.

4 Carat Diamond Ring – “Be Sure About What You’re Buying”

Blue Nile : 4 Carat Diamond Ring – 3rd Party Certified

Every 4 carat diamond ring sold by Blue Nile has been analyzed and graded by either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL). GIA and AGSL laboratories are among the most respected, laboratories in the diamond industry. They are known for their consistent, unbiased grading systems. As a result, all 4 carat diamond rings from Blue Nile have been professionally graded, ensuring the finest quality.

In addition to being graded by either the GIA or the AGSL, all Diamonds by Blue Nile conflict free diamonds. Consequently, the customer gets high brilliance, fire, and sparkle with peace of mind they are not blood diamonds. In compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and various United Nations resolutions, the diamonds Blue Nile sells have been obtained using legitimate means. This additional independent analysis gives you additional peace of mind about your purchase.

The 4 C’s Buyers Guide

  1. Cut is most important of the 4 C’s because it directly influences a diamond’s sparkle.
  2. Color is the second most important factor, and refers to a diamond’s lack of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, and consequently has a higher value.
  3. Carat refers to the diamond’s total weight, not size. Two diamonds of equal carat weight differ in price based on the three other C’s.
  4. Clarity evaluation is based on the presence, or lack of internal and external blemishes. Since these are microscopic and hardly visible to the natural eye, clarity is the least influential of the 4 C’s.

4 Carat Diamond Ring – Expect Lower Markups

Blue Nile is brilliantly competitive and charges between  LESS THAN TRADITIONAL JEWELERS.  Blue Nile charge all the extra markups that traditional jewelers do. Consequently, Blue Nile avoids large overhead costs and passes the savings on to you!
Unlike traditional jewelers who price diamonds to make a 100% profit, Blue Nile business model eliminates unnecessary inventory investments and as a result, you are able to get the highest quality 4 carat diamond ring for a significantly lower price.


4 Carat Diamond Ring – Blue Nile Always Has The Best

  • Selection – Blue Nile offers so many diamonds, far exceeding the few hundred found at traditional jewelers. Choose the best diamond for you, instead of just selecting from what’s available from a jeweler’s case.
  • Quality – Before a piece of jewelry can carry the Blue Nile name it must pass a rigorous series of inspections. Your future Fiance is worthy of wearing a ring of exceptional quality.
  • Artisan Touch – Every custom diamond ring is handcrafted to meet all quality standards, followed by meticulous inspection by a professional Gemologist.

Are You Ready To Start Shopping For Your 4 Carat Diamond Ring?

Build your own custom 4 carat diamond ring with Blue Nile impressive easy-to-use online 360° view.



What Sets Blue Nile Apart From the Rest?

Exceptional Rarity

Not just any diamond can make the Blue Nile cut. Diamonds by Blue Nile are  premium quality diamonds with few to no impurities. As a result, each diamond is hand selected and guaranteed to have no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Therefore, you get the very best 4 carat diamond ring.

Superior Cut

Cutting a diamond is a crucial step in creating a diamond with extraordinary sparkle. Majority of the rough is sacrificed to achieve the best possible cut. Every diamond by Blue Nile diamond ranks as an Excellent Cut from the GIA. The GIA first assesses the angles, symmetry, and proportions of a diamond. Only a small percentage of diamonds qualify as a Blue Nile diamond.

Great Proportions

The proportions of a diamond affect the how it reacts to light. Diamonds  cut slightly out of proportion restricts the amount of light reflected.Blue Nile have ideal cut proportions. Diamond cuts with proper proportions reflects light for maximum sparkle, fire, and beauty.

Wonderful Symmetry

The facets of a diamond act as a mirror because precise symmetry ensures that each facet of the diamond perfectly aligns to reflect the maximum amount of light. As a result,  Blue Nile diamonds have perfect cuts that achieve maximum sparkle.

Perfect Shapes

The extraordinary sparkle of diamonds from Blue Nile is available in popular round and princess cuts!

Double Certified

All diamonds are certified by both the Gemological Institute of America and GemEx to ensures the finest quality because your wife deserves the best 4 carat diamond ring.